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BlueCows Technical Services

BCTS is committed to helping any individual, small business or educational institution excel in today's global network. We specialize in making existing technical infrastructures more productive or building entirely new ones for greater compatibility and potential. Offering a full mesh of services from technical consulting to retail sales, we hop strive to provide the system enhancement or knowledge boost needed to keep pace with current and emerging technologies.

We are a proud supporter of the Open Source Community and all of our own infrastructure is based on the Debian Linux operating system with Open Source software on Intel and AMD processors. We support several Linux distributions along with Microsoft Windows®, BSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris and MacOS on various hardware platforms. We also support and engineer Cisco-based networks.

We can help you with most of your Open Source technical needs, from a simple explanation of a technical term, to the hardware, software, support and information necessary to build or rebuild an entire network or server farm.

Please visit our Contact page to ask a question or tell us your current technical needs. In many cases we will be able to assist you at absolutely no charge. If a request for technical support should go beyond the scope of our free offerings or require long-term commitment, a support specialist will help you get set up with an affordable Platinum Support plan for your organization. Please visit the Products page for more information.

Consulting, remote system administration, network engineering and network monitoring projects are also available for reasonable rates. Please consult our Services information for a fee schedule.


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